Feb 14

Connecting an Azure Function to a SFTP server using SSH keys stored in Azure Key Vault

A couple weeks ago I posted a blog on configuring a Storage Account as a SFTP server I did that because I wanted to test the Azure Function that I was working

By Alessandro Moura

Jun 14

Open API Specification in Azure Functions

After a very long "winter" I'm back :) To start with I'll be sharing in this post how I did an Azure Function implementation with custom routes to show in

By Alessandro Moura

Sep 25

Azure Daily Budget Report Generator

Since we started using some Azure Services in our department, it came also the need to stay on top of the costs of the things we are doing I went right away

By Alessandro Moura

Nov 28

Adding an API key to an Azure Function Proxy using Logic Apps

In the last project I've been working on, I got a requirement from a client where he wanted to consume an API exposed from Logic Apps with the security of an

By Alessandro Moura

May 19

AWS4 signature with Logic Apps and Azure Functions

This post is based on one more integration project that I worked for Theta (a lot of good challenges happening there, that I can say) where I had to consume

By Alessandro Moura

May 18

Calling Azure Function Proxy with Open API definition from Logic App

I got a task from a project recently to make a call to an API from Logic Apps, and I thought that this was going to be an easy thing to do and there will be no

By Alessandro Moura
Integration RoadMap

Oct 26

Integrate 2017 USA Recap

Today 10/26/2017 we had the first day of three for the Integrate 2017 USA conference and in the first day we learn what the integration platform can do for us

By Alessandro Moura
Logic App

Oct 17

Creating an OData service using Logic Apps – Part 3

On the last post about creating an OData service using Logic Apps, I explained how to receive a property from a URL in a Logic Apps flow and handle optional

By Alessandro Moura

Oct 12

Creating an OData service using Logic Apps

Scenario Among the things that I do on may day work with BizTalk, it's evaluating how Logic Apps can help us to achieve better integrations One of the

By Alessandro Moura

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